Silence_Zheng:Real awkward about my situation right now..
I enter this firm at the end of August, trying to set up a real network of their international trading business but return with little support.
Maybe I should tell you what’s happening:
1.The company right now does not want to set up any international B2B platform which they once promised me to open 2 of them.
2,The boss changes his strategy time and time again, which puzzles me about what he really wants to do.
3, He does not discuss any issue with me, all those decisions about international field,
he prefers to judge by himself or ask Sue (the one who see to network sales for domestic market, never know international level) for ideas,
I am left as a role to accept their decisions.
4, anything I request for, like an english website, price list, catalogue and manual instruction never comes to me.
I just wonder, how can you start your international trade without even an English website?
With all these, I still try to maintain my job here, but is this worthwhile?


bosunhu:My opinion,quit the job and look for new one.

I will be much happier if you really notice whats improtant in this post.
What do you mean by leaving such a message?


lastlover:wo xiang zhidao ni shi yi shen me zhiwei lai zhe ge gongsishangban de?

So, after all of these. Why are you still insisting in this company ?
And it sounds like a very terrible company and boss. What is it about ?
Are you a trading company ? What's your product line ? Or you are a
manufacturing company.
Very interested about all above. Because I am also facing the similar situation
in my current company.
discussion is welcomed. QQ1326709684

See my answer of each point below:
1. I stay cuz i believe that one should not change his/her job casually.
Problems exist everywhere, the key is whether you can work them out.
2.Yes, maybe not so good the boss and the company are,
it is a family running firm, you can find members of the boss's family both in the office and manufacturer center,
which result ina low efficiency & little collabration possiblility.
3.We are direct manufacturer, supplying container houses and FRP panels, an industral i believe that will grow rapidly at the very first moment.

You are very strong and positive.
Anyhow, company is just a platform for the salesman to realize
his/her business and sales. Hope you would make something
new for them and yourself.
I am in a company department dealing foreign business, not a
manufacturer, only having some strong product line. Our main
products are in food, pharmaceutical, and some other fine chemicals.

贸互达牛小草::Q 你们都在说什么??



;P我也这么觉得 表示看不懂我们英文差


夜落月生:Haha, your main product is container house? One of mine, too.
But so far as I'm concerned, this year the market is not so good, and most companies in Guangdong, whose main business is light steel product, the business not so good. Besides, the price usually is more than ten thousands, not so easy to get people's order.
Anyway, glad to share with you.

Hank16:1楼的英语好流畅,看着很舒服 。

Hi there, thanks for your sharing.
Light steel structure ones do struggle cuz there are not too many secrets of manufacturing them.
While container houses depend a little more on your ability of turning design papers into real houses and how long you make this.
Always clients come with layouts and requirements and hoping you can feedback with good results.
Another point is that you should guarantee the safety issue of your house, guys never want to live in a dangerous place.
As for the price, yes, it is certainly a large amount so the negotiation procedure should be very careful and need more patience.
The proceeding bar of my company is still a long distance away from these issues, we have not start it yet..

From your views and analysis, I learn you have unique vision on
"light steel products". The points about how to evaluate a product
and industry are very deep thinking.
It inspired me what kind of product and industry I should plunge
into, to make success.
Thanks for so much.
Could you give me some advices, for a foreign salesman having been
working for 2 to 3 years ?


Lily·Wang:根据1楼所说 我觉得还是换个公司吧 良禽择木而栖1楼底子那么好 应该到适合自己的舞台


Don't think i am professional enough to give you suggestion..

It's all right.
Foreign trading is not easy, at least not as easy as 5/10 years before.
I just don't know what to do except for this business and don't want
to waste my time and strength any more.
The best time for learning and professionalism is 3-5 years after graduation,
I am in this period and passing it. So I want some advise from the predecessors.
That's all, thank you!~:P



Well, actually I think container house is easier to make.
If higher standard, such as some European country, it is very difficult to export to there, they have many requirements, all aspects.
Still, the shipping is also a problem. If just piece by piece, and then installed by the client, sometimes, there would be some problems, especially if there are much decoration. So far, the panel of container house is basically sandwich panel, which may cannot meet some clients' requirements.
So, the target market is very important. Focus on what your company can achieve.

夜落月生:Still, I know many factories like yours now. And I believe that your effort will end up failure, because your boss don't cooperate with you.
I know many factories' owners, they see some factories make good profits in foreign trade and they want to give a shot, but just give a shot.
I think once you get an order and your boss will take it serious.

Thanks for the clean look at the industrial and giving your opinions.
Yes, the quality issue and transportation problem you concern are right now what form the bottleneck of this field.
Start with less developed countries might be a wise strategy, while this requires on-site assistance or installation.
I notice an opponent in Zhejiang Province succeeds by carrying out a solution like this.
However, who will provide this kind of service if the project is not an enormous one with big profit ?
I am right now dealing with a project from Africa.
i suppose how this project will end up might have a huge impact onmy "stay or leave" puzzle..

这个Right now用得有点Chinese-English的韵味~~

Well, good luck to you then.

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